Some Very Good Travel Apps

Hotel Tonight

What if you booked a room in the wrong Oxford? There are 22 Oxfords in the UK alone. Or what if you have an unexpected stop over because the airline messed up your booking?

This is when last minute apps like Hotel Tonight come in very handy.

The app also guarantees the best rates possible and offers 24/7 real-person customer support via phone or email.

Note that it’s only compatible with iOS 7.0 for apple devices.


City Maps 2Go Offline Maps

No more overpriced data-roaming fees.

City Maps 2Go Offline Maps’ greatness is as straight-forward as its name — it provides pre-downloaded city maps which don’t require any Wi-Fi or roaming data once you’re at your destination.

As well as providing offline GPS services, the app also pins locations of bars, restaurants and shops.

The free version only allows limited downloads of maps.



iPhone, iPad

Imagine a virtual pin board that flags you and your friends’ favorite restaurants and shops.

That’s Pingspot in a nutshell.

The app allows you to ping places you visit, leave a photo and a recommendation for your friends, so that together, you can discover the best eats and hippest outlets around you.



Worried about asking for directions to the bathroom when you’re stranded in the middle of a shopping mall in Paris? iStone may be your savior.

iStone is a translation app that is designed for travelers without any great linguistic skills. It records and translates into 12 languages and comes equipped with more than 300 useful phrases.

iStone also features native pronunciation and requires no Wi-Fi.

iStone basic version is free.



Birmingham UK

One of our final visits brought us to the West Midlands city of Birmingham.

From the airport take the metro it will bring you right into central station and is free as well, Plenty of hotels to choose from so check out ,  Broad Street is the main nightlife strip Jurys Inn and the Novotel are located here so you are right in the center of the nightlife.


Birmingham is home to some of the UKS biggest clubs such as Gatecrasher and Mechu and host some of the worlds biggest djs. These clubs are well worth checking out even if you are not into dance music as the shows that are put on for each event are amazing.  They can be quiet expensive so better to book online and don’t be to pissed up arriving as security are very strict and you will not get in both of these venues are located at the top of Broad street so in easy walking distance of each other.



Broad Street has plenty more venues to choose from.  You have the likes of Flares, Reflex and the Mail Box these would be more of the cheesy bars that are very popular with hen and stag parties.

The classier bars would be the Living Room, Arcadian and Phukstar. also off of Broad Street on the canals you have some very nice wine bars well worth checking out.



This is only one area of Birmingham and there is plenty more bars and clubs to choose from. Also if you like shopping the UK’s biggest shopping centers called the Bullring is located in the heart of the city.


Birmingham is a fantastic city and really worth spending a few days there, we would give it a 7/10.


Newcastle UK

Our next stop brought us to one of the biggest party city’s in the Uk on par with Liverpool, Newcastle Upon Tyne another extremely popular city with weekend revelers. If you are traveling from Ireland there is plenty of flights from Ryanair, Aerlingus and Jet 2.   The one thing I would recommend is to book your flights well in advance because for some reason flight into Newcastle International are very expensive compared to other UK city’s.

Same goes to when booking your hotel they are very expensive if not booked in advance I would recommend Jurys or the Holiday Inn  as they are in easy distance of the nightlife. 



On to the important part the nightlife? The good thing about Newcastle another very compact city so a lot of the bars and clubs are in easy walking distance of each other. Most of the bars and clubs are on main strips so it’s easy to go from one bar to another.


The main area especially for hen and stag party’s is the Hay Market area some people have said it’s a rough area but we didn’t see any trouble it was well policed. The only thing I would say a lot of the bars are fairly run down so if its classy bars you are after its probably not the place for you.



Onto the classy bars most of these would be located close to Central Station between Neville Street and Collingwood Street you have the usual selection of chain bars Bambu and Revolution which do great cocktails for the ladies and also popular with the hen and stags Tiger Tiger, be warned security are very strict going into these bars on dress code and if your to pissed forget about entry.


 Most of the clubs and late bars are open till 4 in the morning.  Newcastle is on top of the list for a great night out and also the locals are very friendly.  One tip don’t wear a jacket going out in Newcastle even if its -10 with 3 foot of snow.  It’s a Newcastle thing as we found out.  We would give Newcastle an excellent 9/10.